Fierce45 – Denver, CO

I love trying group fitness classes and often times studios will offer a free class to new students.  So it’s a win-win really.  I think this is a great way to switch up your workouts and keep your body from plateauing.

This week I decided to try the Lagree method, which is all about high intensity and low impact.  I went to a Denver-based studio called Fierce45 (all of their classes are 45 minutes) and I would highly recommend it.  There are only about 10 machines in the space, so classes are small and intimate.  I was sore for probably four days after the fact, VERY sore, and I could see that my muscles looked leaner even after one workout.  Everything in this class is done on the mega-former, which is designed solely for the Lagree method of fitness.

During the workout we started with core, moved to legs, and finished with arms.  The movements are typically small and controlled, but they are incredibly effective.  It legitimately felt like my muscles were ready to explode by the end; I know that sounds very unpleasant but it was just the intensity I was needing in my fitness routine.

One thing I loved about this specific studio was their ‘name and intention’ wall.  They have a chalkboard wall where you write your first name and what you hope to get out of the class right in front of your machine.  This was great because it was a constant source of motivation when the workout got really hard.  It’s what kept me pushing through to the end.  Check out Fierce45 in Lohi, Wash Park, or Hilltop, and get ready to sweat peeps!



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