Mount Fløyen – Bergen, Norway

Bergen is one of the most charming European towns I’ve been to and I love that it combines the seaside, mountains, and city all into one.  One of my favorite things we did in Bergen was the hike at Mount Floyen.  The Bergen city center is actually surrounded by 7 mountains and there is a trail that connects them all.  You can get up to Mount Floyen either by tram or walking up the trail.  People in Norway are extremely active so try not to feel discouraged when locals sprint past you on their way to the peak 😉

The trail is composed mainly of switchbacks and the views along the way are incredible.  Once you reach the top, there are tons of photo ops and you can see the entire city of Bergen.  The hike is about the same distance as a 5k (there and back), and make sure to allot some time for relaxing at the peak.IMG_0587IMG_0630IMG_0591IMG_0590IMG_0606IMG_0599IMG_0604IMG_0589


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