Himalayan Rock Salt Cave

I celebrated my 24th birthday this week (WOOT WOOT, I’m old) and received a super interesting gift from my brother this year.  He gifted me with a two hour detox session at a Himalayan Rock Salt Cave in Denver.  I had never heard of this treatment before, but I looked up the benefits and it sounded amazing.  In addition to the time in the cave, the detox package also included an ionic foot bath and infared sauna session.

I’m definitely not against the less traditional medicinal practices, but aside from my monthly chiropractic adjustment I really haven’t tried many of them.  Let me begin by saying this experience was so unique and unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

They started me out in the infared sauna.  This sauna uses infared light to heat your body from the inside out, versus with steam in a regular sauna.  The result was one of the deepest sweats I’ve ever had and I could feel my body warming.  30 minutes in the sauna burns about 600 calories so I felt okay skipping my workout 😉


After my sauna session I moved to another room, where I did an ionic foot bath.   A lot of our toxins contain positively charged ions, and using a negatively charged ionizer is said to pull the toxins right out of your feet and into the water.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but the pictures say it all!  By the end of the session the water in my foot bath was a dark brownish black with a bit of orange mixed in (pretty disgusting right?).  One of the employees at the spa informed me that this indicates that I had toxins in my liver, joints, and muscles.

My session ended with a 50 minute stint in the Himalayan Rock Salt cave.  Rock salt is said to have numerous benefits including healthier skin and breathing, and increased relaxation.  The cave had 13 tons of rock salt in it, covering the floor and walls.  There are 8 anti-gravity chairs and blankets in the cave, and it was extremely relaxing.  I ended up falling asleep and the 50 minutes was over before I knew it.


I definitely slept a lot better that night and woke up feeling a lot more rested than I had in a while.  I would highly recommend checking out the salt caves.  If you decide to go, go in the afternoon or evening and try your best to relax the rest of the night so you can reap the benefits completely.


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