Smoothie Delivery – Daily Harvest

IMG_2743One of my resolutions for the year of 2017 was to slow down, wake up earlier and make more time for myself in the mornings.  I’ve definitely strayed from this resolution lately and have been running out the door with a granola bar or just eating at work.  I came across a 50% off coupon for Daily Harvest and thought I would give it a shot in hopes that an exciting and nutritious breakfast would help me hit snooze a couple less times in the morning.


Daily Harvest is a subscription service that delivers six smoothies and soups to your door every week.  In my opinion, it’s a bit on the pricey side.  I had wanted to try it for a while but didn’t want to take the plunge until I could use a good discount code.  For my first week I ordered 5 smoothies and 1 soup.   All of the cups come with frozen fruits/veggies and a plastic cover so you can just stick a straw in and go!  I mostly used almond milk to blend with but you could use any liquid.



ACAI + CHERRY: sweet cherry, blueberry, banana, kale, raspberry, acai berry (all organic):

SO FLUFFY, great texture and taste when blended with almond milk.  I love acai so I was really excited about this one.

BANANA + GREENS: banana, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, wheatgrass (all organic)

I mixed this one with half orange juice, half almond milk because I figured it would be on the less sweet side. This one ended up being one of my favorites and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a nice, easy way to get my greens in for the day.


BLUEBERRY + HEMP: blueberry, spinach, kale, walnut, figs, hemp protein, ginger (all organic)

This one wasn’t my favorite, it wasn’t sweet enough for me and I could really taste the greens in it.


MANGO + PAPAYA: mango, papaya, acerola cherry, pineapple, macadamia nut (not all organic)

LOVE, this one was fruity and delicious but not too sweet.  It was amazing.

PINEAPPLE + MATCHA: pineapple, kale, coconut, lime juice, Japanese matcha green tea, vanilla bean (organic produce)

This one legit tastes like a Pina colada!  I didn’t love the matcha in here (surprisingly), but I feel like that’s strictly a personal preference.


I loved the aspect of being able to have a healthy breakfast on the go and it made life so much easier for a week.  I like that the ingredients are mostly organic and I would probably order again.  The subscription is a bit pricey, so I would probably order every few weeks when I’m feeling like splurging.  Overall, I was really impressed!


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